Adobe Reader and clickable urls

Recently I came across an issue with Adobe Reader (and my tomcat cocoon pdf generator) now trying to make urls clickable. although I have placed a space surrounding the url, adobe reader incorrectly generates the url grabbing everything (space, @ symbol, and extra text) up to a comma.

version without clickable urls: 11.0.11
version with auto generated clickable urls: 11.0.13

In a constant battle with browser compatibility, I now have to battle with various PDF reader versions and their interpretation of the contents within the document. What bugs me greatly is that the urls (currently entered as text) are not tagged in the pdf document as clickable.

Now how do I explain to my client this is just a problem with Adobe? in the end I had to add another comma at the end of the url just as a workaround.

Adobe needs to fix their url parser to *stop* at a space character.

url with problem:

Section 2-6 of the Bylaws (http://www.someurl.local/section-2-6 @Mon, Dec 07, 2015 22:31:17 GMT)

url workaround:

Section 2-6 of the Bylaws (http://www.someurl.local/section-2-6, Mon, Dec 07, 2015 22:31:17 GMT)